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Camino Grove Elementary School

700 Camino Grove Avenue

Arcadia, CA 91006

(626) 821-8353  

Office Staff
Name Email
Mrs. Popovich (Principal) 
Mrs. Joseph (School Office Supervisor) 
Mrs. Heltsley (School Office Assistant) 
Mrs. Tenney (Health Services/ LVN) 
Mrs. Angulo (Health Services/ LVN) 
TK & Kindergarten
Name Email Website
Mrs. Solis  
Mrs. Giammalva    
Ms. Sturgeon  
Mrs. Pasqua   Website
Mrs. Simons   
First Grade
Name Email
Mrs. Daniels  Website
Ms. Torstenbo Website
Mrs. Cheng  Website
Mrs.Luckey  Website
Mrs. Kim  Website
Second Grade
Name Email
Mr. Weber
Mrs. Bengford   Website
Mrs. Yee  Website
Mrs. Lloyd  Website
Third Grade
Name Email
Mrs. Shahinian   Website
Ms. Rozelle   Website
Mrs. Heggem   Website
Mr. Lopez Website
Fourth Grade
Name Email
Mr. Copeland   Website
Ms. Simmons   Website
Ms. Chia   Website
Fifth Grade
Name Email
Ms. Ziska   Website
Mrs. Young   Website
Ms. Hayek   Website
Special Services
Name Email
Ms. Brown (Specialized Academic Instructor)
Ms. Vallejo (Specialized Academic Instructor)
Ms. Franceschini (Specialized Academic Instructor) 
Ms. Abraham (Specialized Academic Instructor) 
Miss LaBella (English Language Development) 
Mrs.Fernandez (Academic Program Coach) 
Mrs. Li (School Psychologist)
Mrs. Yang (Speech and Language Specialist) 
Mrs. Tedei (Speech and Language Specialist) 
Mrs. Tran (Counselor)
Ms. Faris (Music)
Mrs. Smith (Music)
Ms. Liu (Music)
Mrs. Shepherd (Librarian)