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Camino Grove Elementary School

700 Camino Grove Avenue

Arcadia, CA 91006

(626) 821-8353  

Office Staff
Name Email
Mrs. Costarella (Principal) [email protected] 
Mrs. Heltsley (School Office Supervisor) [email protected] 
Mrs. Cabrera (School Office Assistant) [email protected]
Mrs. Angulo (Health Services/ LVN) [email protected] 
TK & Kindergarten
Name Email Website
Mrs. Solis [email protected] Website
Ms. Sturgeon [email protected]    
Mrs. Pasqua [email protected]  Website
Mrs. Simons [email protected]  Website
Mrs.Luckey [email protected]  
First Grade
Name Email Website
Mrs. Mitsumori [email protected]  
Ms. Torstenbo [email protected]  
Mrs. Cheng [email protected]  
Ms. Halim [email protected]  
Second Grade
Name Email Website
Mrs. Bengford [email protected]  Website
Ms. Palmer [email protected]  
Mrs. Shui [email protected] Website
Mrs. Yee [email protected] Website
Third Grade
Name Email Website
Mrs. Shahinian [email protected]   
Ms. Rozelle [email protected]   
Mr. Lopez [email protected]  
Mr. Franco  
Fourth Grade
Name Email Website
Ms. Chia [email protected]   
Ms. Salamat  
Mrs. Ngo [email protected] Website
Mrs. Floyd [email protected]  
Fifth Grade
Name Email Website
Ms. Min [email protected]   
Mrs. Young [email protected]  Website
Ms. Hayek [email protected]   
Mrs. Geis [email protected]  
Special Services
Name Email  
Ms. Brown (Specialized Academic Instructor) [email protected]  
Ms. Vallejo (Specialized Academic Instructor) [email protected]  
Ms. Franceschini (Specialized Academic Instructor) [email protected]   
Ms. Abraham (Specialized Academic Instructor) [email protected]   
Mrs. Kim (English Language Development) [email protected] Website
Mrs. Fernandez (Academic Program Coach) [email protected]   
Ms. Panza(School Psychologist) [email protected]  
Mrs. Akcasu (Speech and Language Specialist)
Mrs. Tedei (Speech and Language Specialist) [email protected]   
Mrs. Tran (Counselor) [email protected]  
Ms. Faris (Music) [email protected]  
Mrs. Smith (Music) [email protected]  
Ms. Liu (Music) [email protected]  
Mrs. Shepherd (Librarian) [email protected]