PTA Calendar

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RoadrunnerCamino Grove PTA Master Calendar 2023-2024

Events and dates are listed as currently planned but subject to rescheduling or cancellation as necessary

August 2023
Aug 10 (Thurs)   Roadrunner Day

Aug 14 (Mon)     Make-Up Roadrunner Day
Aug 16 (Wed)     Back to School Orientation (Kindergarten Welcome/ Orientation at 9am)
Aug 17 (Thurs)   First Day of School
Aug 24 (Thurs)   Kindergarten/ TK Ice Cream Social (5:30-7:30pm)

September 2023

Sep 1-30            PTA Membership Drive- ALL MONTH LONG

Sep 1   (Fri)       Camino Grove School-Site Minimum Day (Staff Professional Development)

Sep 4   (Mon)     NO SCHOOL-Labor Day   

Sep 8   (Fri)        Pastries with Parents (7:45am-8:15am)
Sep 11 (Mon)     PTA Meeting (6:00pm), MPR + PTA Meet & Greet (5-6pm)

Sep 14 (Thur)    Collaboration Day (11:40am release)- Yogurtland

Sep 21 (Thurs)  Welcome Back Picnic/ Family Fun Night (5:30-7:30pm)

Sep 22 (Fri)       NO SCHOOL-Staff Development Day

Sep 26 (Tue)     Fall Picture Day 

October 2023

Oct 2-31            Direct Donation Drive

Oct 2 - 6            Student-Led Conferences- Minimum Day All Week + Book Fair
Oct 9   (Mon)     PTA Meeting (9:00am), MPR 

Oct 17 (Tue)      Vision Screening
Oct 19 (Thur)    Collaboration Day (11:40am release) + Panda Express

Oct 20 (Fri) Reflections Due to CG

Oct 23-27          Red Ribbon Week: Be Kind to Your Mind. Live Drug Free.

Oct 24 (Tue)      Make Up Picture Day (TBD)
Oct 27 (Fri)       Trunk Or Treat/ Family Fun Night (5:30-7:30pm)       

November 2023

Nov 3   (Fri)       End of 1st Trimester: Minimum Day

Nov 10 (Fri)       NO SCHOOL-Veterans Day

Nov 13 (Mon) PTA meeting (6:00pm), MPR

Nov 13 (Mon)    Reflection Entries Due to Council
Nov 16 (Thur)    Collaboration Day (11:40 am release)

Nov 20-24         NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving Holiday

December 2023

No PTA meeting this month

Dec  8  (Fri)      Family Fun Night (5:30-7:30pm) 

Dec 19-21    Winter Program MPR (9am by last name)
Dec 22 (Fri)    Class Parties

Dec. 22 (Fri) Minimum Day (12:27 pm release)

 Dec 25-Dec 31  NO SCHOOL- Winter Break 

January 2024

Jan 1-5             NO SCHOOL-Winter Break 

Jan  9  (Tues)   PTA Meeting (9:00am), MPR

Jan 15 (Mon)    NO SCHOOL-MLK Day

Jan 18 (Thur)   Collaboration Day (11:40am release) + Restaurant Fundraiser-CPK

Jan 22-26 Penny Wars

February 2024

Feb 1   (Thur)   Collaboration Day (11:40 am release) + Restaurant Fundraiser-Rubios

Feb 2   (Fri)      Hearing Screening (TBD)

Feb 5-9            Book Fair

Feb 7-9            Student/ Parent Conferences + Minimum Day                                  

Feb 12 (Mon)   PTA Meeting (6:00pm), MPR

Feb 14 (Wed)   Valentine’s Day Class Parties

Feb 19 (Mon)   NO SCHOOL- Presidents Day

Feb 23 (Fri) Minimum Day

Feb 26-Mar 1   “Can you Help?” Canned Food Drive

Feb 27 (Tue)    Spring Picture Day 

Feb 29 (Thur)   Collaboration Day

March 2024

Mar 5   (Tue)    5th grade Panoramic Photo (TBD)

Mar 11 (Mon)   NO SCHOOL- District Holiday
Mar 12 (Tue)    PTA Meeting (9:00am), MPR  

Mar 14 (Thur) In n Out Fundraiser (5:30pm- 7:30 pm)

Mar 21 (Thur)   Collaboration Day (11:40am release) 

Mar 28 (Thur)   Open House (5:30pm - 7:30pm)

Mar 29 (Fri)      Jog-A-Thon

April 2024

Apr 1-30           Autism Awareness Month

Apr 1-5             NO SCHOOL- Spring Break
Apr 9   (Tue)     PTA Meeting (6:00pm), MPR

Apr 26 (Fri)       Carnival - 2:35-7:30pm

May 2024

May 6-10           Staff Appreciation Week

May 13 (Mon)      PTA Meeting (9:00am), MPR

May 16 (Thurs)  4-5 grade Track Meet 

May 17 (Fri)       Family Fun Night

May 24 (Fri) Minimum Day

May 27 (Mon)    NO SCHOOL- Memorial Day

May 30 (Thur)    Honorary Service Awards Ceremony (TBD)

June 2024

Jun 5 (Wed)      Minimum Day, Last Day of School