Welcome Camino Grove Families!
We would like to extend a warm welcome to all returning and new students to the CG Roadrunner family! My name is Crystal Seiler and I am honored and privileged to be your CG PTA President. On behalf of the Executive Board, I offer a very gracious welcome to everyone, both students and adults included.
This past school year has put on full display the resiliency, perseverance, and determination of both the students and staff of CG Elementary. Additionally, the families of CG Elementary exhibited compassion and appreciation of all that the school staff do for our children. The old expression, “it takes a village,” was the silver lining truth for the entire CG family. Each and every individual contributed and impacted the successful navigation of an unknown educational landscape. None of the success of this past school year would have been possible without the contributions, hard work, and compassion exhibited by everyone.
As we move into the summer and preparations begin for the next school year, there is much still unknown. However, the one constant is the collaboration between school staff and the CG families that ensures our students are provided a healthy, strong, and equitable learning environment to learn and grow. We hope that as the new school year begins, membership of CG PTA grows, with the goal of providing students, teachers, and school staff support in the potential transition to another new learning environment. Each dollar from direct donations or fundraisers directly impacts our ability to continue the mission of supporting the students educational journey.
All parents/guardians, staff and teachers are welcome to join and participate in CG PTA events. In order to maintain our effectiveness and a true representation of the school, each individual’s participation is paramount. Our goal is to work with each individual, their available volunteer time, and most importantly, any specific talents/skills that may be utilized to enhance and/or improve the volunteer time. The hope is we will be able to return to the various events that parents and/or teachers have the ability to participate in and/or volunteer for. Nothing is guaranteed, but the one constant is the support CG PTA provides for the school. This support is only as strong as the individuals/families that choose to become CG PTA members.
We would like to thank you all in advance for the continued help and support of our Roadrunner community. If there are any questions, concerns, thoughts, and/or ideas, please feel free to contact me directly at
Stay healthy, safe, and enjoy the summer!
Crystal Seiler CGPTA President 2021-2022
Mom to Preston (4th grade), Kennedy (1st grade) and Kenzo